Terms & Conditions

Our mission statement is to make the banking experience simpler and more personal. With this in mind, we have simplified our Terms and Conditions to make them clear, simple and easy for you to read and understand.

We are also happy to add that we are the first local bank to have been given the Crystal Mark on our General Terms and Conditions. The Crystal Mark is an internationally recognised mark given by Plain English Campaign to confirm that the information provided in a document is crystal clear!

Kindly read carefully and understand the following Terms and Conditions and the other important documents included below. The use of our banking services is subject to your agreement to all Terms and Conditions and other important documents that may apply from the time you become an APS customer.

These Terms and Conditions and other important documents may apply to both personal and non-personal customers (corporate customers).

If you have any questions about how any of our Terms and Conditions and other important documents apply to your account, product or service, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Our Terms and Conditions and the below mentioned important documents are subject to changes from time to time. Any changes will be effective on their date of publication, unless stated otherwise.


General Terms and Conditions
The agreement between our customers and us.

General T&Cs


Specific Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions that apply together with the General Terms and Conditions for the account, product or service that our customers are using.

Current Account T&Cs

Clients' Current Account T&Cs

Savings Account T&Cs

Basic Payment Account T&Cs

Virtual Account T&Cs

Term Deposit Account T&Cs


APS Student Package T&Cs

International Student Savings Account T&Cs


myAPS Service T&Cs

Payment Services T&Cs

Debit Card T&Cs

Credit Card T&Cs


Other important documents
Interest Rate Factsheet A factsheet that lists the credit and debit interest rates payable and how often. The factsheet is available from our branches and on our website at www.apsbank.com.mt/interest-rates.
Tariff of Charges A document that sets out important information on our rates, fees and charges.
Fee Information Document A document that sets out the fees for using the main services linked to payment accounts.
Data Privacy Policy A legal document that sets out how we process and protect our customers’ personal information.
Depositor Information Sheet The depositor information sheet sets out important information about the Depositor Compensation Scheme in Malta, which is a rescue fund for customers of failed banks which are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
Cut-off timetable A guide to certain cut-off times for some of our accounts and services. For more details, go to www.apsbank.com.mt/cut-off-time-table.


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