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Successful first virtual APS talk



Successful first virtual APS talk


APS Bank resumed its educational programme during the pandemic by hosting the 13th APS talk, ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution: A lost battle?' online. The live talk, accompanied by an interesting presentation, was delivered by Dr Yanika Borg, a data scientist with a PhD in Synthetic Biology from University College London (UCL). Thanks to digital transmission a large audience attended the session from the safety of their homes, extending beyond the Maltese shores as attendees from the UK, USA, Italy, Germany and Romania also joined to view.

Besides talking about the importance of tackling ocean plastic pollution, Dr Borg commented that, "Plastic pollution stemming from the overuse of single-use plastics and waste mismanagement is wreaking our environment, wildlife and future. However, we have the capacity and ability to solve this problem while we are still in time. Ask yourself what you can be doing at home, at work and within your community to reduce the use of plastic so that we tackle this across four key areas: Home, Education, Industry and Government." Dr Borg also talked about her adventures and life on board a 72ft yacht with a team of 13 other women during her trip of the Azores to Antigua with eXXpedition.

The Talk also saw a record amount of interaction from the audience as over 15 questions were directed to Dr Borg.

The recording of this session is available online on the APS talks channel on YouTube.


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