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Microsoft Office 365 and Teams introduced at APS Bank

11/09/2020 08:00:00


Microsoft Office 365 and Teams introduced at APS Bank


APS Bank's efforts to modernise communication and collaboration between staff took a boost with the recent introduction of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, including Teams. With more staff working remotely, the upgrade makes it easier to work better as a team in real time, regardless of where staff are located.

While Microsoft Office 365 has a familiar interface, it includes a number of new features which greatly improve efficiency. These include allowing people to co-author documents and easily share files, facilitating the work stream. With Microsoft Teams, staff have greater flexibility to organise private calls, group meetings, chats and have a space dedicated for team projects, while being fully integrated with Office 365.

Dione Gravino, Head of IT Infrastructure & Operations commented: "Microsoft365 is an evergreen integrated platform which continuously adapts in response to the changing business environment, while addressing security and compliance challenges. Staff members swiftly adopted the new tool set to work together seamlessly while collaborating on projects. This upgrade bodes well for the Bank as it delivers on key areas of focus, including our journey towards digitisation and internal agility."


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