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APS Bank Executive Breakfast Series continues online



APS Bank Executive Breakfast Series continues online


The APS Bank Executive Breakfast Series, an internal programme aimed at sharing the Bank's culture and internal knowledge, was hosted online for the first time, enabling staff to attend remotely. This series allows the Bank's senior leadership team to share their experience of the Bank's transformation with colleagues, in an open and informal setting, and makes up part of the Change Management Programme.

This edition, the third in the series, was presented by Giovanni Bartolotta, APS Bank Chief Risk Officer, on the topic of Sustainability in Banking. The presentation focused on the constant evolution of risks and the importance of sustainability, with a focus placed on the impact of climate change. Mr Bartolotta elaborated deeply on ESG Factors - Environmental, Social, and Governance and how companies embracing these factors are more sustainable while tending to have better ratings and improved reputation.

Giovanni Bartolotta commented that, "This talk was a great opportunity to make staff aware of the ongoing efforts of the Bank to create the necessary framework to be a more sustainable bank in the long term. This belief is part and parcel of the Bank's mission, which states that we are ‘...inspired by a commitment to social, economic and environmental progress', reflecting the ESG dimension of our vision."


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