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Training and Development is a priority for APS Bank




Training and Development is a priority for APS Bank


APS Bank has always placed staff training and development as a priority. And in response to the particular challenges presented by COVID-19, the Bank's e-learning platform was enhanced and e-learning opportunities were fast tracked to continue providing the necessary support during these times.

The traditional training programmes were transformed into interactive and engaging online sessions. Going forward, a blended approach will see lecture room training remaining valid only for specific hands-on courses.

The Future Banker Programme implemented earlier this year was also realigned in response to COVID-19 to reflect the ‘new normal'. The Customer Service Academy and Agile mind-set specialised training are other projects currently being developed by the Bank's training team. Besides educational training, APS Bank is committed to staff wellbeing and one project introduced earlier this year, yoga sessions, went online with sessions streamed live for wider staff participation, including those working remotely.

Elaine Calleja, APS Bank Training Manager stated that, "The Bank is committed towards promoting employee growth which is evidenced by the planned training initiatives and the huge investment in training and development."


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